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Ramblings of a Borderline Psychotic

Published by Dras in the blog Dras's blog. Views: 202

Sometimes you got to wonder what goes on in the mind of a writer. Whether or not they believe in their stories like so so many of their readers do is one common question I always think of. Do they believe in the fantastical castles filled with wizards in dragons? Do they think that one can fall in love with a random stranger met during an interview? I, for one, is open to the possibility that such things exist, of have existed, at one point or another. Each story has a basis in fact.

Also, where do the characters these authors write come into being? Some say they are based off a person who caught their attention. Others have no idea how the character cam to exist in their mind. I am glad to say i'm a mixture of both. When I actually think about my characters I do tend to base them off people I have encountered. Other times they just pop into my head and say "Here I am! Now write!". The only qualm I have with any of my characters is that they never leave. They continue to remain in my head with their distinct personalities and sometimes I wonder whether I'm going crazy by actually talking to them every once and awhile.

But that's just me.
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