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Random Memory

Published by Wreybies in the blog Ponderings of a Pachyderm. Views: 240

It's a random parking lot, right? Doesn't get more random than that. Not even any people in it. Just cars. This was the view from my room at the DLIFLC in Monterey, CA shortly before I graduated. The Army had just given us (the Air Force) space in their newer (at the time) quarters that were kinda' up the hill, like going toward the PX. The rest of the USAF students were housed in one of the much older barracks style buildings down the hill. That little VW square-back sedan you see there was mine. About a week after I took this photo the '89 Loma Prieta earthquake happened. I had never felt anything like it. My roommate was a strange little dude named Don, who was actually a really nice guy. Across the way lived a fellah' who was in the Army and who was in my class named Mike. We dated for a while. One day he just started hanging out with me and we became inseparable. He ended up washing out and I felt terribly for him. He tried really, really hard and we studied together endlessly, but frustration would get the better of him. He was also painfully socially awkward in that timid, held-back sort of way. He had a hard time talking to people and participating in class.

Just a day in the life.
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