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Rats in the walls

Published by Devinmydear in the blog Devinmydear's blog. Views: 91

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Kimmie froze, her hand still resting on the door crutch. The image on the wall in front if her had stopping quality. It was huge, a life-sized woman being devoured by a thick swarm of rats.

'It makes me feel...saver,' Esther muttered somewhere behind her.
Kimmie squirmed a little. The picture made her anxious. She had a feeling the rats would move, should she'd look away. How could anyone sleep with this staring from across the room at them? 'How come? How does it make you feel safe?'

Esther held her own arm and swayed a little. 'I'm afraid it might happen. It makes me panic to think of them out there. I imagine them getting inside the house. But when I see them here on the wall, I know the rats are actually inside my head.'

Kimmie frowned. 'Instead of being in the walls?'
Esther felt a chill at that thought. 'Y-yeah, like that.'
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