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Reading your own stories aloud...

Published by BruceA in the blog BruceA's blog. Views: 364

How many of you read your stories aloud when editing them - or at least before publishing them (in whatever form that takes)?

It is something I have always thought is a good idea, but never did. Until recently, that is. It is interesting how many errors you pick up when reading your own work out loud, even if you have read your story over and over.

I have begun to do this when I think the editing process is over (and always find something else to change).

I have also begun to record my short stories and put them on Soundcloud. Does anyone else do this?

By the way, I hate the sound of my own voice, and don't think I do my stories justice really, but it is good practice just in case one day I get to do a 'reading'!

You can find my audio files on my blog: BruceArbuckle.com
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