REVIEW- The Sims 3 (V2.0)

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Anyway, this is my first review for "The Sims 3"
I love it! My favorite part of the game is the Sims creation. You have so much more freedom in customization. Skin color, hair color, clothes, eyes, personality, their likes...I can't begin to describe how much freedom you get.

I'll try it by introducing a character I made. Her name is Victoria and she has green skin, yellow eyes, purple hair and wears a reddish-orange gown. This is just a regular Sims woman, mind you. I've done nothing like make her drink a potion, run a glitch test on her, etc. All I did was took a regular Sims woman and tweaked the skin tone so she looked the way she did. Oh, and she's artistic, ambitious, green thumb, hydrophobic, and neat. Her voice is high too.

The controls are fairly simple, but a bit confusing, especially when you're navigating between household to neighborhood and when you want to switch to a new one. However, I did like the seemless way it switches from house to neighborhood, and if you make a Sims go to a certian place like a hospital, you can actually FOLLOW them.

My dislikes were that unlike in Sims 2, I've found that you can't just plop a Sim family in an empty plot and build the house as I used to. Also, it appears you are no longer able to have multiple neighborhoods.

Being a morbid fellow, I also wanted to know what would happen after a Sims died. So I purposfully made a group of adult Sims resembling Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini and shut them in a tiny room and watched them starve (It was amusing to see Hitler pee in his pants, btw). The Grim Reaper does his thing, but it appears that unlike Sims 2 when the Sims become an urn/tombstone, they turn into newspapers. Again, I haven't had a lot of Sims die on me yet, so I really don't know.

= Character Creation (I was able to very nearly make the Sims match the characters of my book exactly. Nearly because it doesn't have clothings from the Colonial time.)

= Seemless neighborhood.

= Customizing the Sims. Like I said with Victoria, you can make your Sims appear however you totally want them. If you want a family of blue-skinned, red-haired Sims, then you can do it. :D

= No more putting Sims in empty lots.

= Seeing Hitler wet his pants in front of Stalin and Mussolini. Not so powerful now, are ya? XD

So, I'll give it a rating of 9/10.
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