mugen shiyo Mar 23, 2012
Sounds...very much like me once upon a time. Are you the past me :)

I am not sure of your exact situation but for me I can tell you how I overcame these problems (except the drugs). I realized I had a lot of energy but no ambitions. I know we are taught to have ambitions, goals, and all that from the start and if you don't your something less but I didn't. A lot of energy and no goals seemed to propel me towards destructive, impulsive things. It's a wonder I made it out as well as I did...

I used to always need encouragement or praise also and a frown could shatter me whatever my mood was at the time. In time, I simply asked myself what do I want. I weighed it against reality and looked at the things I need to do to get to that point as necessary steps I had to take. I also had to stroke my ego a bit. I convinced myself I was a dark star. A black hole, the most powerful object in existence. And that if I could somehow redirect all that massive energy outward instead of inward I could achieve anything. ANYTHING.

And so here I am. Better, lol.