Rude Awakening

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I was taking a nap in the quiet study room in the student center - this room, i must tell you, is to be quieter than a library at all times. So, I was lying on the couch in the study room and all of a sudden I hear some girl at a table near by start gabbing to someone blah blah blah about how she's in the STUDY ROOM. Clearly, she is acknowledging the fact that she is a douche bag for calling someone in the first place, but, instead of moving or saying a quick goodbye, she continues talking. So, I sit up and glare at her. Sadly, this did nothing as she's clearly only focused on herself and she continued talking about toe rings and grammas and whatever else came to her mind.

But, having nothing else to do but reflect, I sat there and thought about it and wondered how people can be so completely oblivious to everyone else around them. I mean really, there are a number of signs around the place saying "quiet study area only" "no group studying" etc. etc. AND she was next to a door leading to the outside! I can't decide if she's obnoxious or just oblivious.

On a larger scale, I feel like people do this every single day - focusing on themselves and ignoring how everyone around them feels. Forget the superheroic people who actually seek out people who need help...

As for deciding what kind of person she is, I think I'll go with obnoxious so I can hate her for ruining my nap.
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