Running With the Devil Chapter 3 snippet (completely rewritten and changed)

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The wind blew through her hair and Kate sighed. From her perch, she watched the city move below her and spotted her target. A motorcade drove down Pennsylvania Avenue, the sirens blaring. Everything was moving exactly according to the schedule she had been given.

Another gust lifted the long, leather coat she was wearing up and it floated in the air like a cape. The mission itself was going to be absurdly simple even with such high-quality opponents seeking to stop her. Few people, if any, had the technology that Intelligence had and it left her feeling invincible.

And someone is going to have his or her day ruined soon, she thought.

Reyes had assigned to her to another classified mission after the success of her previous job. Tonight’s mission was a simple one: slip past the security cordon and eliminate a single man. Why he had to be eliminated weren’t for her to know, just that the job had to be done.

Typical, she thought with a snort. The Old Man expects me to kill someone but won’t tell me why!

Kate let her bionic eyes zoom in on the motorcade. Security around the target was using a standard technique to protect their asset. However, each of them had weaknesses inherit to the plan and she was listing them in her head.

Whoever is running this show is pretty good, Kate thought. It’s going to be a shame to rain on her parade.

It was about time to move and she took the actions necessary to carry out the mission. Kate frowned and reached into a coat pocket. Pulling out her Kimber, she pulled the slide back to chamber a round and placed it back into its hiding place.

Let’s get this over with, she thought.

With a push of a button, Kate disappeared from view. The newest suits Intelligence had concealed her coat also, which allowed an agent to be able to stay warm while moving. Compared to the older suits, Kate and her compatriots considered it a gift from the gods.

She stepped off the roof of the Alliance capital and felt the wind whistling past her ears. No matter how man times she made jumps like this, it never ceased to amaze her. When Kate’s body had been biological, a jump like this would have killed her, now she could do it and never feel anything on the landing.

The lack of feeling, she thought. Is something that I will never get used to losing.

The ground rushed up to meet her and she landed in a kneeling position. A quick glance allowed Kate to see that the motorcade was approaching its destination. In respect to its historical position in democracy, the Interstellar Alliance had kept its Presidential House the White House. However, in the centuries since the Third World War, the security systems at the home had been enhanced to levels unseen by many in the military-except for Intelligence.

Confident in the knowledge that no one could see her, Kate followed the motorcade. She ducked through alleys, never letting them out of her sight. When it got too crowded to safely follow, then the roofs of the buildings lining Pennsylvania Avenue provided Kate with a safe path to follow.

This is going to be even easier then I thought, Kate chuckled while keeping pace with the motorcade.

She stood on a rooftop across the street from the White House while the motorcade passed the gates into its compound. The security officer in charge hadn’t made a mistake yet, but she was going to find her best efforts for naught. Kate switched bionic vision into infrared mode and whistled softly.

So they do have a few tricks up their sleeves, she thought. Tricky devils!

The entire White House lawn was crisscrossed with motion detector lasers. Each of them was connected to a relay that would alert security when and where the intrusion happened. Kate licked her lips while she contemplated the best way to penetrate the compound.

Well, she thought, they’ve managed to make the lawn a no-go. I wonder what they’ve left open then.

While scanning the compound, she came across something that made her smile. It wasn’t very big, but it was definitely something that their security chief would have missed. Unknown to many people, there was a service tunnel that connected the White House to the facility that handled all the food preparation for the residence. Very few people knew its existence, and Kate was willing to bet that the security on it was very lax.

If I was the security chief, she thought, I’d leave it open too because the odds of someone using it was slim. However, I wouldn’t want to be her in a few minutes!
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