Sagas of Aether

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That is going to be the name of my fantasy series. Aether is the name of a world that I have created, its pronounced A-ther. Basically I'll write a story for major events that happens throughout the timeline for Aether. The first saga is going to be called The Ares Saga. It will probably be about four to five novels long. I will write a blog about the mc of The Ares Saga, Ares Pyrrhus, right after I get done writing this blog.

Ok so for the basic history of the universe is, there was a time when there was nothing but molecules floating through space. No life, no stars, no worlds. Then one day a cloud of these molecules became sentient. This cloud realized that it had to power to create and destroy at will.

It named itself Raze, and so the first god was born. She is omnipotent. The only limit to her power is that she doesn't know the future. However, she does know all of the possible futures and knows how likely each outcome is. She became bored in the empty vacuum, so she decided to fill it up.

First she created the six elemental dragons. Eros-the dragon of light, Shade-the dragon of darkness, Pyro-the dragon of fire, Amnis-the dragon of water, Anima-the dragon of air and finally Draco-the dragon of stone.

Each dragon gave birth to billions of offspring. The offspring are mindless servants of their parent. The parent sees and hears everything that their offspring does. So basically each dragon family has a hive mind. These offsping spread throughout space, creating matter. They created all of the stars, and worlds.

Even though the universe was filling up with matter, Raze was still bored. So she decided to create creatures to live on the different worlds for her entertainment. She even gave some of these creatures intelligence. One of the worlds to get life was Aether. To aid her new children she gave each of them there own pantheon of gods.

These gods are known as major gods. They know everything that the species they watch over knows. They also have the power to destroy at will, but they can't create at will, like Raze. Sometimes one of the major gods, or Raze will mate with a mortal, thus creating a demi-god. When a demi-god dies, Raze judges whether they should go to the mortal afterlife, or should they become a minor god. Minor gods are as strong as major gods but they don't know everything that the species they protect knows, and they usually become servants of one of the major gods. However, if one of the major gods falls out of favor with Raze, she'll turn him into a minor god and promote one of the minor gods.

The race of intelligent beings on Aether were called aers. Though one day the god of chaos (I haven't decided on a name for him yet) thought it was boring to have one race. He changed all of them into one of four races. Humans, high elves, night elves, and Iceras. After many generations these races forgot that they were once all one race.

Aether has five continents- Xen (a pretty mountainous continent, with a wide range of climates, humans are the main race on this continent), Xeria (pretty temperat climate and is covered in plains and forests, humans and high elves in about equal numbers), Auderia (mostly frozen tundra, only the Iceras live here), Feria (primarily desert, with small grassland areas around oasises, mostly humans and night elves) and finally Agito (it was torn apart by a large earth quake and is now a bunch of islands, only humans live here).

What do you guys think of my world so far?
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