Savoa wildlife (Near over RPG)

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Wild life

Central and southern Savoa Plains

Mice, rats, Ninchyn, Agar (A large bear the size of an elephant), Cannoloupe (deer type animal black in color size of a wolf hound.) possums, Criga hopping mice, Long snoutted Rhinoceros, Shudderfin catfish (shark like features as the name suggests the fin shudders, Has large bards when shuddering these barbs break off in a predators mouth and poison them.) Mud skip, various eels, Moma Bolting fish.

Northeast Savoa

Spike amphibious puffer fish, Soumah cat bear (Large bear with several similarities to a wild cat, feline teeth whiskers and long tail.) Pigs, ox, deer, foxes, wolves, possums, apes, buck hide horned lizard.
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