Screwiness with the bank...

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So my van is paid through direct withdrawal from my bank account. If I don't have enough money, they call me then send a threatening letter.

So the other day (July 19) I got a letter dated June 10 saying the payment didn't go through. I found this odd, since I got no call back then, and no other notices. I should have received other notices as the instant withdrawals stop once one payment is missed.

So I called and found out that the letter from June 10 was generated because they hadn't received the payment that was due June 14. Bear in mind, it's set up that they simply take the payment themselves, and June 14 is after June 10. Luckily the mistake was caught when the payment went through on the 14th, and no further action was necessary.
"So why did I receive this notice in the mail more than a month after this clerical error that was fixed almost immediately?" I asked.
"Oh, it's automatically generated."
"So why did it take over a month to get to me?" She had no answer..

So, to recap, a clerical error caused the bank to think I defaulted on a payment that wasn't actually due yet, and I was notified of this error over a month after it was fixed. And we wonder why we have to bail out these banks.
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