Second day of school

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My daughter is four and a half and she started school on Friday. Today is day two. This has been a rather interesting experience and one that makes me feel most strange.
The walk or drive to school is hectic. Cars are everywhere on roads that can't manage the heavy traffic. There's no parking near the schools so the roads fill in a kind of system malfunction. Children everywhere with brothers and sisters in buggies and stressed parents rush around trying to get where they need to be quickly.
We wait in the playground for the bell that sounds permitting the children entry to their classrooms. Into a tiny, cramped corridor parents, children and siblings crowd in. Children stand dazed as their coats and bags are removed and put onto their pegs around all sides of the narrow space. Baby brothers and sisters grow heavy on Mum or Dads arm as the buggies are left outside in the rain, no space to spare at all.
Children do not know where they are going. Mothers and fathers not able to help as they too wait for instructions. A child starts crying, screaming and resisting entry to their classroom.
A mother fight back tears.
My daughter is fine. So far she likes school. I haven't needed to cry because my little girl is having fun and I know this is how it has to be. To me, this isn't sad, just hectic and confusing.
With children in class and out of sight, Mothers cry as they walk home.
I understand that all these children need to learn to attend school and make it on their own. I understand the parents need to be strong and let their children learn and grow. It's an exciting time. So why does it seem so sad, so chaotic?
Maybe I just want ultra-organised and it's not possible with so many children. Maybe I've been out of the real world too long.
Maybe there's another way....
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