Seeing this, makes me wonder....

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I'm constructing a path of un-pure emotions for my own mind; to separate myself from the void of pain and suffering only to find myself in an everlasting worst case of the inevitable, you made me see the things i couldn't, but now that I see i wish to be blind, for my eyes hurt the pain i see is upon me, eating me from within leaving me empty with nothing to dis-pare, I feel this, this hunger inside me for the death i had in mind, thinking maybe I should continue my path to seek that of what I'd rather be, but it seems wrong for i have no hope left for those pro-founded from a hypo-critic way of living, those doing so separating truth, and honest truth, making truth seem like the Lie the snake would use to make you see the things upon that of honest truth, confusing my mind with needless thoughts i fear i reached the point of no return to find my self in a state where the bullet has left the mind only to find a hole.
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