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Published by Kate Sen in the blog Kate Sen's blog. Views: 89

"Seer, what impression did you get of my boyfriend? Is he the one?"
"I can tell by the nervousness in your voice that you know the truth, my child. You desperately want him to be the one, but your own insight is stronger than you think. Trust in yourself. His palms were sweaty when he shook hands with me. His voice sounded impatient like he had somewhere more important to be, but I think it was anywhere but here. I also heard a note, just a shadow really, that suggested he has something to hide. Do not trust him. Trust yourself."
"Thank you. Oh how I wish I too had been born with your insight."
"You have. As I said your insight is strong within you, but your vision obscures it. Focus within."
"Thank you, enlightened one."

As the door closed behind the girl, I heard it catch before it had fully closed, and the familiar sound of my best friend's body movements caught my ear.

"Welcome, Serena. Sit down. Let me brew some tea."
"I am sorry, I cannot stay, a client is coming, but I had another vision from a parallel universe that I had to share with you right away."
"Oh? I am all ears."
"In this place, there were others like us. But in their society mainstream and normalcy and average were revered, and so those like us desperately tried to fit in as much as possible. They wore progressively stronger corrective lenses in an attempt to restore their eye sight, and focused so much on it, that their insight was dampened at times even lower than average, even as their eye sight continued to diminish as well. Being like that was looked down upon, and dismissed as short sighted. Without their corrective lenses, the special ones were helpless like babies, stumbling against furniture in their own homes even, so focused on sight they had not honed their other senses at all. Some people still implied that they had a higher intelligence, though I cannot tell you how they arrived at that conclusion."
"A truly disturbing nightmare vision. You sure you cannot stay for tea after all? You sound like you need it."
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