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Serial Killers for Authors to know about

Published by captain kate in the blog captain kate's blog. Views: 121

Ok, there's way too much information for me to go in depth on, and some of it's not stuff I can discuss, but there's two types of killers.

Organized Killer. Think Ted Bundy (look him up). An organized killer has a ritualistic, generally some sort of sexual based one, that he or she carries out when they kill they victim. They hunt a certain area (nowhere near their homes 95% of the time) and will dump the bodies in certain areas too. They are methodical, pick their targets due to certain criteria that fits their sexual needs, and compulsions, that drive them to kill. Let's say they're looked for a 5'6 blonde, fair skinned lady, then the victim will walk a certain way, talk a certain way, etc.

Organized killers are very smart, and charming. They generally do not know their victim before they make a move to get close to who they plan to kill-socially most of the time to get the victim to let their guard down. Once to get the victim in position, then they do their ritual.

Unorganized Killer: He or she will still kill people, but not a particular type like the organized one will. He or she will hunt near their home (where they're comfortable) and don't have an organized ritual. They prey an anyone likely to fall into their grasp.

It's simplistic I know, but there's various information that differentiated them more, but I can share a lot of it. A google search will help here too. Just don't forget most serial killers are sex based criminals.
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