She Walks Forward

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Today I was bored and I had this line stuck and felt inspired to do something with it. I thought of doing a small paragraph or two on it. Then I thought, why not make a poem of sorts?

She waits down by the water.
As the ocean sweeps past her feet
she looks down,
and wonders many things.
She lifts her head to see
the truth that never was

Slowly she walks forward
she can feel the cold ocean
biting at her skin
She walks forward
and as the water rises
she wonders something
She can taste the salty water now
she spits it up
so she can walk forward some more
deeper and deeper she walks
until she can't breathe anymore
and then she walks forward anyways

Its very rough I know. I just wrote one line after another. It wasn't until I was done and the title had gone from 'She Waits Down By the Water' to 'She Walks Forward' did I realize what I had unintentionally done. The Ocean represents Life. Life is an untamed beast and it can be cruel. She walks forward even though her life feels overwhelming and can't breathe.

So I guess roughly it's all about moving forward in life. Or something.
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