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A sweet melody fills the air,
Sirens of peace
cries of happiness,
the gentle whisperings of that eye in the sky,
Protecting us they say,
for our best interests they claim,
but this monotonous murmur suffucocates my thoughts,
these blue and red lights
leave me short of sight,
while hooded silhouettes roam the streets,
many souls consumed by greed.
This large bustling wormhole,
devours the lands
only continues to expand,
Never resting,
never ceasing its indulgent ways.
Concrete coffins litter the skyline,
imprisoned behind four legged cages
and glaring screens,
a life spent in servitude,
only fleeting faces,
empty conversations,
so distant and apathetic,
Until the cold embrace of immortality
reunites us all.
Peace will come at last

why do we even try,
failed are our attempts at merrymaking,
for we are all inevitably the same,
full of sadness,
longing for a something that cannot ever be,
so blind are we to reality,
deep inside we all feel the same,
so much misery and so much pain,
such is the way of men,
to hide in smiles all that ails them.

These Dark Streets
A lowly figure walks these dark streets alone,
so that no one can see his tears,
for he knows that is what we all are in this world,
alone and full of pain...
Yet as he gazez into the fading past of the night sky,
a notion comes to him as the faint light of morning approches,
perhaps a touch of defeat is what makes a great man...
to ascend from the lowly depths of melancholy,
just as the sun rises from its nightly fall from the heavens,
happiness is found in humbleness,
and just as the seasons change like the turning of a wheel,
revel in the majesties of the seasons of your soul,
and take heed of the falling leaves in autumn,
so that you may sit by the fire and embrace the cold decay of sorrow.
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