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Constant conjunction of inner realms seeking a meaning in questions I lay before them, in means life, me, past, future basically the questions each and everyone go through everyday. It's always the same thing constantly, the only difference is the moment you realise it and what 'changed' in between that time. honestly... I think we are getting worst

Ask yourself this ' What does the world mean to you? ' then after you read about it and thought about a few things that may have an effect on the end result, you read it again and ask yourself What does the world mean to me? Listen to this if you may, don't just listen to it hear it let it in and think and feel it, people tend to miss the actual song or message in most things. No wonder we are so messed up, in means that we are brain washed constantly by this 'Dark Cloud' that we don't even notice what's really going on around us. By 'Dark Cloud' I point to the 'People' sitting behind the media, lucky every now and then something 'Hopefully' close to truth pops-up. It's close.

If I look back I see a lot of good memories, but worst more bad ones... Which ends up, asking myself 'Did I really have a good time here?' Is there one thought that I could look back on and say, You know if I die now I lived a happy life?. In most cases I have to say some people actually have those, these days most don't. Lucky and un-lucky for those that's growing up in this age. Mankind changed ever since, it's hard out there and it will never change no matter what people say, thus ending up all I said above means nothing, but maybe something triggers something inside someone. I have no point in this 'piece' I just wrote down what's inside my head, so please don't think I'm judging or whatever you can come up with, I'm just writing me...

Other than that I guess, I'd say this: Rather enjoy life even if there's nothing to enjoy, I know it sounds stupid but I bet if you think about it for long enough you'll see it.

ps. I didn't even read the whole thing twice, before I posted it... I will probly edit it later... But for now, I just had to get some stuff out keep in mind it's just personal writing.
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