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It’s weird, isn’t it?
‘No, no, I…well, I can’t say I like it..., but it has…spirit!’, Kimmie faltered.
Esther sighed, her chest ached. Suddenly she remembered the drink in her hand and gratefully took a sip.

Kimmie strolled into her bedroom, drinking slowly and looking around. White, very white walls without a poster in sight. A single bed with black sheets and there, a whole wall covered in magazine models. Kimmie leaned in. They were all cut up, letters removed from where they once adorned the cover. Someone had cut them into pieces, removing the letters and placed them back together again. sometimes lending pieces from somewhere else.Their sleek, glossy body parts; now tangled, sown together with black yarn, littered the wall. They stood a stiff watch over the bed. Kimmie swallowed while black eyes stared at her from emotionless faces.
‘You cut out there eyes?’ Kimmie asked a little hoarsely.
Esther stiffened and moved a little closer, trying to hide her work.
‘They see through the darkness,’ she tried to explain, keeping a lopsided grin and motioning pathetically. ‘I…it’s not meant to be scary.’

Kimmie stared into space a little and then slowly shook her head, taking a sip. ‘You don’t have to explain it... IÄm the one that intruded here.’
‘You’re not an intruder!’ Esther said frantically, shaking her head.
‘All right, fine. A visitor.’
Esther relaxed. ‘Yes.’ She motioned her drink and after a second Kimmie clinked her class against hers.
‘See, we’re having fun;’ Esther giggled. She took a huge gulp and then coughed heavily until Esther slapper her on the back.
‘Fun,’ she croaked with determined finality.

‘Then let’s have some fun,’ Kimmie smiled. ‘You want to watch something? I know you’re always watching something.’
Esther nodded, a little exhausted from her coughing fit. She pointed towards a white, sliding door in the wall. Behind it was her movie collection. Before Kimmie could slide it open she yelled for her to stop. ‘Wait just a minute, wait!’ she breathed and dashed in the way. With an apologetic smile she laid her hand against the thick cardboard.

Nothing, she thought and felt calm once again.
Feeling hot and stupid she slid it open herself and sighed; everything in its alphabetical order.

Kimmie frowned but didn't comment. She took out a random DVD. 'The descent,' she read aloud, turning it around and skimming the text. 'Oh, they go camping...'
'Spelunking,' Esther smiled warmly. 'It's one of my favorites. You want to watch it?'
'I will be nice to see it with sound,' Kimmie smiled.
Esther stared. 'You actually...'
But Kimmie just grabbed her arm and steered her around. 'Come on then, lets's go see some spelunking.'

Esther tried to maintain a smile. She was glad to be away from the closet. Somehow S had been rearranged; the M row now followed after it. All movies beginning with I had been put to follow that, which stood beside the L row. E was there too. Oh yes. Very funny, she thought darkly and stared straight into the darkest shadow that now occupied a corner of her room.
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