Step aside Slash, Chickidy freaking soloed!

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Alright as none of you know I am learning to tame the instrument that is the guitar, and yesterdays lesson was a particularly fun one because we were finishing up on one of my favorite songs, Tribute by Tenacious D, and my fender had some shiny new Erney Ball strings, and I had a new little Jazz pick, but all that aside. My teacher, Kelly Klaus, had me practice a first position pentatonic scale for this lesson and I had. He told me it was what was used for solos so I had some fun with that little scale, messing with it, making cool little mock solos, but nothing real. Well Kelly said,"Ben, I'm going to play the chord progression from the solo part and I want you to improvise." Now I have no idea if this was what he actually said or not, but that was the general idea. Anyway, I was like,"I don't know, a solo? **** I'm not that good." Well it turns out I was.

It was the coolest thing ever, he was playing the chord progression and I was just dicking around with the scale, it sounded god damned professional, and cool, and I was feeling it, a new experience, a new emotion, to just feel the music and go with it, let your fingers find the right notes to match the progression. It was awesome, and now I have 5th position and 2nd position to mess with for the next two weeks until our next lesson, plus all the open chords for Tribute to learn, but I've got them down pretty good so far. All I know is that my new strings, which are heavier since my old ones kept breaking, have been giving me calluses from hell, and you know what? It feels good! I think of them more of a badge of honor than anything else.

So in conclusion, I'm more pumped about guitar than ever before, I know I'm improving, and I am having a **** load of fun with the new scales he gave me, and just the fact that they are only the tip of the ice berg makes me excited to get some more scales for other songs and improvise up some face melting solos. This has been a look into the life of Chickidy, peace be with you all.
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