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Still frnds... ?

Published by Naiha in the blog Naiha's blog. Views: 85

i ws cold nd hurtng..lost out in the nyt..wandering nd searching..for heaven's light!
i saw the night sky clearing..wen u spread ure rainbow wings..but never did i noo..wot joy u would bring..!so a lonng tym agoo a frndshyp did start..u kissed away my tears..nd sheltered my heart..
i bless the day u came 4rm above..for all the happiness u gave nd the feeling of being l0ved...
I told you this feeling..nd wot did u say..?
u liked our frndshypp nd dats only hw it would stay!I cried for a friendship I thought I lost
But then felt your warm, gentle hand...u den whispered in my ear dat by my side 4ever u'll stand!
but this was yet still a frndship..unbearable nd unsatisfying..i hadd to leave u for doinng nothing..nd unwantnglyy said a gudbye..i still search for ure footsteps..i wait all the time..i sayy i donn want to.,.but secretllyy i wishh for u back in my life..!
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