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Story: Live it Once

Published by Maria Navis in the blog Maria Navis's blog. Views: 77

Chapter 1: The big day ruins!!

Adithya, the groom looked handsome in his wedding suit. He was already hansome and the wedding suit did justice to him. Adithya, an IIM passout, with a job in a MNC company is all set to marry his teammate, Nithya. Nithya is a perfect match for him because she is the woman who every man always wanted as a bride. Her looks and her gracefulness always attracted men, and so was Adithya. It was love at first sight and they decided to get married soon. It was a grand Indian wedding and all the big shots in the city arrived. Adithya's father was a business icon and Nithya's father was a powerful politician. Everything was perfectly set for the wedding.....except..

To be continued..
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