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So, after driving home from dinner tonight, I was listening to an unfortunate radio broadcast about political analysts and other important people who are considered to be intelligent. These people were having a roundtable discussion about Obama's visit to Saudi Arabia and the way he acted toward the king. This to me seemed silly to begin with, however they began to dissect the reasons behind his bow when meeting with the king. This was seen as a mistake by the "intelligent" people on the radio. Was it really a life-threatening, world-changing problem that Obama decided to bow politely and respectfully to the Saudi Arabian ruler? I find these two irrelevant and the whole conversation should not have been presented on the radio as an intelligent roundtable discussion. Is a bow really going to affect the world? Another question that comes to mind is how do Saudi's feel about this subject? I highly doubt they find a bow of the US president as a sign of weakness or submission to Saudi Arabia. Maybe they see it as a change for the better, where our leader gives their leader the respect they deserve as a leader. And if both parties feel that they are on the same level, then maybe something can get accomplished rather than the petty nit-picking of how one leader acted toward another, and the intentions that come along with that action. Comments?
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