Sugar Strike

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Always wondered what was sugars long term effects on the body. For modest consumption, I would say negligible. But since I'm a bit of a sugar-wolf I'm starting to wonder on the effects besides diabetes. Either way, I have no idea and I don't trust reading because 5 scientists will say five different things so I just decided to make an experiment for myself. I'm going to quit anything involving "added sugars" (candies, cookies...gulp...sweet tea...) for a period of two weeks. I'll try to see if my general mood and condition improve in anyway (I'm under the belief that sugar is the reason why I can't fall asleep).

Since I have about a half a gallon of sweet tea left in the fridge, I'll be starting this trial Tuesday. Never waste perfectly good sweet tea.

Oh, and for that matter, for anyone out there who knows, which is sweeter, sweet tea or sweet tea with lemon? It always seems like I have to put more sugar in sweet tea with lemon to actually taste the sugar.
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