Teh Beginnin'

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This is just some goofiness that I started in another blog and will maybe never finish. Chudz is played by big-ol-fat me. Mr. Beanie Bear is a portly black bear who has a penchant for wearing one of those old-fashioned beanies that has a propeller on top. And Chudz Blog is a cross between Frankenstein and a Transformer. It was done along the lines of a script for a TV show. Without the formatting of a real TV show script. Enjoy!

Or not, hehe.

Chudz Blog: (Entry 1) Stardate . . . um . . . today!

(The Scene: Lightning strikes the rod placed on top of the tower; the voltage crackles down the wires and into . . . Chudz Blog! Chudz cackles with glee and begins doing the Happy Chudz Dance, which looks like the dancing gopher from Caddyshack. And with an electronic groan, Chudz Blog awakens as the current from the strike blows out several expensive appliances that weren't plugged into surge-suppressors.)

Chudz says: Son of a *BEEP!* Mr. Beanie Bear, get the fire extinguisher, quickly!

Mr. Beanie Bear says: Roar!

Chudz reminds himself to get Mr. Beanie Bear a vocabulary book for his birthday, as his side-kick trundles out of the room.

Chudz Blog starts coughing from all the smoke that is gathering in the room, shaking loose a few extraneous pieces. Of course, a heavy one lands on Chudz's foot.

Chudz shouts: Owie! Son of a *Beep* *Beep* *Beepity* *Beep*

Chudz waves in thanks to the mechanical hand that is hovering over the censor button, and the hand gives him a thumbs-up sign in return.

Mr. Beanie Bear rushes back into the room.

Mr. Beanie Bear says: Roar!

Chudz and Chudz Blog say: Huh?

Mr. Beanie Bear starts a game of charades, gesturing wildly.

Chudz says: Goldie Locks ate your Lean Quisine meal?

Mr. Beanie Bear gives him the evil-eye and continues gesturing.

Chudz Blog says: Hmm, you want to get a brazilian wax?

Chudz and Mr. Beanie Bear both cringe.

Mr. Beanie Bear thinks of getting a new job, but continues.

Chudz says: Oh, I get it. The mini-fridge holding the beer is on fire.

Chudz thinks for a moment.

Chudz Blog says: Auuuggghhh!!

Mr. Beanie Bear thinks, finally.

Chudz yells: OMG!

(The scene fades as they all scramble out of the room. . . .)
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