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Thank You

Published by Corbyn in the blog Corbyn's blog. Views: 187

I'd like to take a breath, and thank everyone who reads my craziness. Not just my shorts, or novel excerpts that I post here, but also this blog.

Writing is a lonely endeavor under the best of circumstances. I've found especially in the beginning, or when you as a writer are most apt to second guess the things your putting out into the world. Sometimes we just need a pick me up, or to know that we're not the only ones out there struggling to get the ideas in our head, out onto a screen or paper.

To that end, sometimes when I need that pick me up I cruise the forum, looking at the amount of views something I've posted has gotten. Does that mean that someone thought it was good, or read it all the way through? No, but it means that something about what ever it was I posted caught someones eye. Sometimes, that's enough.

So thank you for clicking, even if you didn't stick the rant, or piece through to the end. Thank YOU for clicking, and maybe just maybe giving me the pick me up I needed to grow a little bit more with my writing today.

Feel free to comment, on anything you like, or don't. After all, that's just part of the process. I'll do the same, because if we're not growing or evolving as writers, then what are we doing here?
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