The beginning of my book in progress... can I improve it and how?

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It was the first day of summer, my friend Tael and I were laying on the lush green fields of my uncles land. Two eight year old boys resting after a romp in the tall grass.
" Caleras," I remember Tael asking, " are you really going to be the new lord when you're older?" I looked at him and smiled. Tael sat up, the wind blowing through his dirty-blonde
hair, and frowned.
"What is wrong?" I inquired, also sitting up, "Are you not happy for me?" He looked at me, worriedly, with his dark blue eyes and spoke.
" Yes, but..." He paused, " We will not be able to be friends then!"
" Of course we will, Tael!" I assured him.
" But I am the son of a bondsman!" He replied. Again I smiled,
" No matter what happens, we will be friends forever." That statement seemed to have cheered him up, he layed back down on the grass and stared at the slow moving clouds.
That is all I can remember of that fateful day, the day Tael died...
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