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The beginning of the end (extract part 2)

Published by Sabin in the blog Sabin's blog. Views: 126

Chapter one (part two)*
The beginning of the end

The morning early morning had a stillness to it like the quiet before a storm, like the world was waiting for the day to begin. The sun was a deep shade of red as it peaked over the horizon, turning the sky to from the dark of night to the deep blues and purples of the *twilight hours before Dawn.*
Benjamin sat at a large desk *in the the windowless offices of the special forces base 20 miles from Kelia city. Hundreds of scattered blueprint and maintenance charts littered the desk around him marked here it there with notes. The frustration was plain on Benjamin's face and the lack of sleep had started to wear at his nerves when*Jack entered the room.

Jack stood to attention waiting for Benjamin to look up from the notes infront of him, Benjamin may have been his friend but he was still hi superior.

Benjamin looked up at Jack with a quick glance before looking back at the maps.

"Report" Benjamin said with a snap that seemed harsher that he had meant it to.

“High General the unit is ready for it orders and have geared up. They are just waiting for you now as commanded"
“Thank you captain I’ll be out in one moment”.

Jack turned to leave but hesitated a moment before leaving. He would not openly oppose Benjamin but this seemed crazy given the outburst yesterday at the council.

"Ben". Jack said still with his back turned to leave.*

Benjamin didn't look up from the charts but the sigh he let out let Jack know he could speak freely".

"Forgive me. But this seems rash given the circumstances. I mean you must know that Martyn will be having you monitored, he won't let yesterday pass him by unnoticed.

“Yes I know Captain!" It was cold for Benjamin but he had wasted enough time going over the plans to miss this opportunity

"Just make sure all the men are ready". He said with snap

“Yes, High General!” Jack said sharply as he left.
Benjamin ruffled though a few more charts angrily and then smashed is fist onto the desk and scrubbed his fingers through his hair. It was frustration and stress that cause the outburst at Jack but he could not let it get the better of him now. Not with everything moving so fast, Benjamin knew he was playing a dangerous game one that he had no choice but to win.

He stood up and straightened himself stealing himself before he went on.
Outside a *the sun was creeping closer to the horizon, the first deep reds of day touching the sky.*

The air was unusually warm for the beginning of winter and not a touch of frost was to be seen even on the dry concrete of the base. Ten of the best soldiers new to Benjamin's command had been chosen for the mission today. They where all well season in battle and had been trained for covert missions but they had only been transferred to Benjamin's command so weeks before.
They stood at attention in full combat gear waiting for the High general to appear. This was a special mission and he wanted to be present to inspect the troops before they where sent out and given their orders.

The silence of the troops seemed to thicken the atmosphere as Benjamin high general of the city's are stepped out to inspect the troops.

Benjamin was a commanding figure. With his heavy shoulders and hight, he would have dominated any room but the way he held himself said he had been born to lead.

Benjamin looked over the troops from left to right slowly, taking in every face and then looked down at them with a slight turn of his lip that could have almost been a smile.

"This mission has no room for error, we cannot afford to fail and we can leave no survivors. Take no prisoners and ensure that the target is secure at all costs". He let that statement sit in the air for a moment.
"You have been chosen for my command because you are the best. You will be have no support on this mission it is code black so radio contact will be zero. You are to travel east 10 miles to the boarder and there you target co-ordinates and mission objectives will be added to you mvcs". Benjamin took one last look at the unit and strode back into the base.

Jack stepped forward and handed the corporal an mvcs.

"You have your orders" Jack turned back to the base as the unit formed up.

The men shot out into the deep forests that surrounded the edge of the base and within seconds where lost to sight.
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