The Betrayal chapter 10 snippet 1

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Brooks sighed as her helmet visor fogged over for the thousandth time. Around her the blue lights of the arc welders danced like bulbs on a Christmas tree. Somehow, she mused, the skipper had them make a blind jump…and it had worked! How it had worked, Brooks didn’t want to contemplate, nor did she want to try to count the odds of it being successfully repeated again.

Kate has always had a knack for the impossible, she told herself as she watched her crew working. However, where we emerged had been even more convenient for all of us too!

While the blind jump had been a stroke of luck in and of itself, where they emerged had been even luckier still. Whoever said that Kate Almir didn’t have luck on her side wouldn’t have known her very well at all. Emerging on the outskirts of a massive gaseous nebula, they had been able to limp in to commence repairs without worrying about anyone finding them.

And thank God for that too, Brooks thought at he crews worked to patch the holes in engineering.

There had been plenty of damage to go around for sure, but she needed engineering up and functioning before even thinking about tackling the rest of the damage. Whoever had been commanding that damned battle cruiser, Brooks reminded herself, had been fiendishly clever on where he had hit them. God, it was going to take days to get ready to limp back to Earth!

Turning away from the work crews, the giant engines were dark before her. The constant kaleidoscopes of light from the annihilation that powered the engines being missing made her soul feel cold. After spending so many years working around it, she mused, to not see it always made a ship feel more dead then alive. It was as it someone had ripped the very heart of the vessel out and not replaced it.

We’ll get you back up and running around in no time, she thought to the ship itself.
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