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The Betrayal Chapter 49 snippet

Published by captain kate in the blog captain kate's blog. Views: 132

The sound of running water filled the bathroom its resonance overwhelming all others. Wisps of steam floated in the air, giving it the appearance of being full of fog. A clear shower curtain hung the length of the stall, with a single form seated on the floor. Hidden, just barely, by the noise of the water was the sound of a woman weeping.

She sat on her haunches, her back to the spray, her legs pulled tight to her chest. The water ran down Kate body, her long raven-colored hair hanging down over her face and eyes. Weeping softly, she tied to pull her legs up even tighter to her body, as the steaming water tried to wash away the dirtiness she felt.

The bastard had done it again, she told herself as she stared at the floor. For years he had raped her before, and she was sure when she had seen him die in the grenade explosion that she had been rid of him. Unfortunately, like everything else in her life, it had been a cruel joke. There was no escaping Ferini, she told herself with a long sigh.

Fortunate for her there was no way he could reproduce through her! This was one time she was thankful that the grenade had taken her ability to have a child from her. In no way, no how, did she want to be carrying a child that came from the monster to term. While she hated the idea of killing a life that was innocent, there was no way she would have carried Ferini’s bastard to term.

God I am so unclean, she told herself as she looked at her legs…

…Feeling her mind flash back to when Ferini was finished, she shivered involuntarily. After he had climaxed, he had looked at her in panting, smiling pride. He had reached down and tousled her hair with a touch that she would have loved if it had been done by anyone else.

“Oh I have loved you so much, Katie,” he breathed.

“Go to hell,” she said, turning her tear stained face away from him.

“You really shouldn’t talk to me like that,” he said before he stroked her hair again. “You might come to love me.”

“It will be a cold day in hell before that happens,”

“You should really relax, Katie,” he said. “We could ever have a child together. Imagine it! A child with your warrior genes and my intelligence, it could rule the galaxy!”

She surprised herself with the strength she had to look back at his face. A harsh laugh of derision and contempt escaped her lips as she looked deeply into his eyes. Looking back at her, Ferini was confused about why she was laughing so. He had only told the truth, so what was she finding so funny?

“That’s one dream you’ll have to forget,” Kate said after she finished laughed. “Because I won’t be having anyone’s kid!”

“You will if I wish it,”

“Don’t flatter yourself, Ferini,” she said. “Even you can make something out of nothing!”

“What are you saying, Katie?”

The big moment of truth had arrived, and she knew it would allow her a chance to let some more vitriol out. It was his fault, she raged, that she couldn’t have children anyway! If he hadn’t had his guards trying to Jennifer and her with a grenade, then she would still be able to have a child! Better yet, she would still have her real arms, legs and eyes to see with!

“Your dumb ass did more to me then make me have to be rebuilt with bionics,” she said. “The grenade also caused the doctors to have to have a hysterectomy.”


“Ah yes, Ferini,” she said with a chuckle. “You, and only you, are responsible for the fact that I can’t have children!”

A hand lanced out without warning and grasped her throat. With a look of rage, he started to squeeze on her windpipe, causing her eyes to grow large with fear. Beating uselessly at his hand, Kate tried to break his grip on her throat. If he didn’t let go sometime soon, she mused, he was going to choke her to death!

“You’re lying!” he snarled as he let up just enough to let her speak.

“No,” Kate gasped. “I’m not.”
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