The Downfall of Society

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Still after so long, my ideas rejected. Even though I have clearly put forth so much effort. All the effort I can. I tried to be supportive. Tried to give in advice. Tried to give suggestions. And they were thrown away like some Sunday trash. I left so long ago, in hopes that I could change and then show them that I have changed. And I have changed. However, I am still treated like trash. With no respect. As if I once part of a community mean nothing than the trivial bells and whistles the others ask for.
Is not the greatest society
one that changes?
One that sees the points of its people?
ones that are willing to experiment with policy?
Aren't the greatest the leaders
the leaders who listen to their people?
who take risk?
who aren't authoritarian in any aspect?

After so long and I'm still at odds with a society that refuses to change itself. Because they believe in sticking to their power. Because they believe nothing is wrong and yet right under the noses they have seen how many have left. How many will go. Those people who have placed their input will only wait so long before they too leave and realize what wasted efforts they have put within society.
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