The Errant Knight

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The Errant Knight strong but dense
Beheld the glory of his Prince
Riding forth into the battle
Driving troops, akin to cattle

Blood would spill on every hand
Driven to fight, to make a stand
Trifling matter, an insult thrown
Into this waste of lives had grown

“What purpose is the pending slaughter?
He simply sought to wed thy daughter
What need to rend this multitude?
If on thine thought I might intrude”

Rage embroiled that Royal brow
That one would question why or how
The others gaped and stared amazed
Knowing their fellow would be hazed

“Coward, knave, how dare thou query!”
Screams the Prince, red as a cherry
“Charge and slay, I now command it!
Should thou fail, I declare thee bandit!”

“Thine head shall sit upon a pole,
Beside this worthless stinking hole!
Thy children lose all title and fame,
For I shall scorn thy very name.”

“But Prince, oh wise and honored Lord,
Thou know the ownership of my sword.
My heart stands true to valiant deed
But this seems naught but childish greed.”

“My soul doth cry for useless dead.
If thou so wish then take my head.”
The Prince in rage drew steel to take,
A bloody trophy, pride at stake

The Fellow Knights, shamed by truth
Called “Halt!” and swore “Forsooth!
Take that head and have ours too,
For this is evil work you do!”

“Our brother here has shown us Light
For in this land there is a blight.
Chivalry cannot serve to hold
Tyrant’s throne or bloody gold.”

The Prince did stop, thinking fast
His Knights protect from enemies past
Commoners would wrest him down
And spit upon his bloodied crown

Sheathing blade he called aloud,
“We’ll have mercy on this rabble crowd.”
Back with the King they all did dine
The Errant Knight with poisoned wine
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