The Facts

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Mike had done the right thing. Anthony had killed a man. Mike had seen Anthony kill a man. Mike had told the police and had acted as a witness at Anthony’s trial. Mike had obeyed the law and Anthony had gone to prison.

It had been an accidental murder. Anthony was dating Tonya and they were happy together. Tonya’s old boyfriend Shawn had been abusive. Tonya had managed to escape from Shawn and now she and Anthony were together.

Shawn was still angry with Tonya and he would not leave her alone. Shawn had threatened Tonya. Anthony decided to confront Shawn.
Anthony and Shawn met up at a nightclub in town. Anthony told Shawn to leave Tonya alone. Shawn refused and pulled out a knife. Anthony tried to calm Shawn down. Shawn lunged at Anthony with the knife. Anthony managed to dodge the knife. Anthony accidentally stabbed Shawn. Anthony was scared and ran away.

Mike had seen the whole thing happen. Mike called for an ambulance. Mike saw the paramedics try to save Shawn. Shawn died.

Anthony had gone with the police quietly. Anthony pleaded guilty at the trial. Anthony was sentenced to several years in prison.
Tonya had stood by Anthony at the trial. Tonya watched Anthony be taken away in handcuffs. Tonya visited Anthony every week. Tonya said that she would wait for Anthony. Tonya was killed in a car accident two years later. Anthony was not allowed to attend her funeral.

The Law said that killing was wrong. The Law said that self-defense was right. The Law defined right from wrong. The Law was Justice and Justice was the Law.

Shawn was dead. Anthony was in prison. Tonya was dead. The Law was upheld. Justice had been served.

Mike had done the right thing.

So why did the right thing feel like the wrong thing?
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