The Hunted Chapter 28 snippet

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The hatch hissed shut behind them and Ferini wheeled around. What cultured blandness he had was now gone. It had been replaced by a face three shades darker in rage, eyes blazing.

There was nothing surprising to Kate about his expression. This was the Ferini that really existed, what he kept the rest of the world from seeing. Beneath the cool, sophisticated exterior beat the heart of a vengeful, psychotic killer. How the man had managed to hide it so long was the question.

Adams had entered the room while Kate had been fighting the creature. A surge of bile rose in her throat when the former agent came into view. How the hell could anyone become a traitor to his or her own government?

There isn’t enough money in Ferini’s coffers to tempt me, Kate thought while clucking her tongue, so what does Adams really stand to gain?

“You know something, Kate?” Adams leaned against the wall and crossed her arms. “If I didn’t know better, I would swear you have something against dying.”

“No,” Kate said. “I just think living is better.”

“Maybe,” Adams said. “Maybe not. It depends on which side you are on.”

“Speaking of sides,” Kate said, pressing the advantage. “What made you decide to change? The real reason.”

“We’ve been through the before, Kate,” The flush that came to Adams’ face made Kate smile. “And you know it.”

“No I don’t know,” she said. “What did he offer you to betray us? Money? Power? Sex?”

“That’s enough,” Ferini said. “Its time we make sure Katie is dead. Adams, take care of it.”

“With pleasure,”

Kate watched her former roommate approach and an eyebrow went up in contemplation. Could Adams actually take her? It hadn’t happened during training, but there was always a first time. If it came down to a fight, who would win?

It certainly wouldn’t be an easy fight that much was for certain. Both of them would know each other’s moves, so the need for originality would be the key. Who had the better imagination when it came to fighting, Adams or her?

I certainly wouldn’t want to be betting on either one of us, Kate thought while the guards took their positions beside and behind.

“You heard the man, Kate,” Adams said. “Let’s go.”

“Just in case you don’t die,” Ferini said. “I’m going to keep Miss Loving with me for insurance. If you try to stop me on Wales, she will die.”

The bastard! Kate thought. He already held all the high cards and to add another one was just too much!

Even though Ferini held all the high cards, the game still wasn’t over by a long shot. Until he succeeded in killing her, Kate still had the ability to stop him. However, it was going to be more difficult when he had Jennifer as a pawn in the game.

The doors slid shut behind them, and Kate looked over at Adams. What would it take to make someone trained like they were to become a traitor? No matter, though, because Adams was going to die. There was no way she could live; the rogue agent knew too much about Intelligence and its technology.

“So, Rachel,” the guards lead Kate past the hotels once again and onto a lift. “What kind of benefits are you getting from Ferini?”

Adams’ eyebrows rose and she looked at Kate. “Quite a few,” she said. “Plus he’s a real rocket in bed.”

Kate started to laugh without any control. Oh, Jesus, that was funny! The idea of Ferini, of all people, being good at sex was just too rich! Was the sex he and Adams had consensual or had the man just taken it?

“Something funny, Kate?”

“Oh I’ve already had a chance to taste his version of sex,” The answer came out drier, calmer then Kate felt beneath the surface. “And I wouldn’t call him ‘great’ at it by a long shot.”

“Like you’d know that,”

“Really?” The laughter rocked Kate again. “I’m afraid your boss and ‘lover,’ and I use the term loosely, spent more nights in my bed then you will ever get.”

“Bitch,” Adams said.
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