The inconsistencies!!

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Well thats a funny word to say right now.

So I have been reading the Transistions Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore and I am on the Pirate King. I came to a line, now maybe for some unknown reason its my copy, but did I just hear Rollibard question the reliability of Drizzt and suggesting he doesn't know his name.

Bloody hell. Wasn't Drizzt and Cattie Brie sailing with him for like 6 years? Now if it had been Wulfgar then yeah ok. Rollibard never liked that one much.

Of course just earlier in the book Rollibard was part of the Host Tower thing. But in a previous book it was said he was denied entrance which has left him rather sore about Luskan in general.

But its not just this either. I am surprised at how many things are off. Now I understand the inconsistancies between Icewind Dale and The Dark Elf trilogies. Atleast as far as the whole Drizzt is concerned as he was never intended to be the star.

Then there is Cattie Brie's cats eye amulet thing. Before it just allowed her to see in the dark as if it were a starry night out. But in a later book it gives her infared(sp) vision.

Then there is a locket. First it was a loan to Bruenor, with Alustriel saying she wanted it back, then it was a gift to bruenor. Cattie Brie stole it from Bruenor, but later in a different book it turns out Lady Alustriel had given her a second one to track down Drizzt.

Oh and then there is the whole Fog of Fate. Though I guess Drizzt may have clued him in, as the spell erases the memory after its ended.


There are tons of them. Also hear that some collector's edition had been recalled because of the typo count.


Almost all minor really. But I just love a consistant story and backstory.

Don't even get my started on Sean from Boy Meet's World.

First he has an older sister, then he is an only child, then a step/half brother, then only child, then another half brother.

Make. Up. Your. Minds!!!
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