The measure of a person

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Today’s woolgathering concerns what one’s life comes down to in the eyes of your community.

I take many calls from the American Social Security Administration for people who have hit retirement age and are about apply for their social security benefits. The list of questions rarely changes. I could almost conduct the interview myself if I had access to the SSA computer systems.

The person being interviewed is about to cross a line and enter into a new stage of life, at least as far as the eyes of the government are concerned and the questions seem so petty and cold. It’s like the person has been stripped of all flesh and only the underlying bony structure is of any consequence. The meat has been tossed aside.

I wonder if the person conducting the interview has ever asked their client:

Have you had a fulfilling life?

Have you loved?

Have you been loved?

Did you have all the fun? Yes? Even some of the fun that you’re not supposed to have? Yes? Good!

What have seen?

Where did you travel?

What did you taste that was strange and new?

Did you dance like no one was watching, even when everyone was watching?

Did you laugh so hard that tears came down? Yes? Excellent! How often? Many, many, many times? Wonderful!!

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What about those question, aye?
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