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So this is my first blog. I have always felt for anyone to understand a piece of writing, they must have at least a basic base of knowledge about the author.

(Very) Brief biography- Born in Tehran, Iran (my mother is Iranian), moved to London at the age of 3, moved to southwest (Wiltshire) ages 5. At the age of six my father took his own life due to clinical depression, my mother was an alchoholic for the next 4 years (until I was 10) and so I cared for her during that period of time. Mother finally picked herself up, earned a degree and started working again, I joined my current secondary school aged 11 and everything was going well. At the age of 14 my mother reverted back to alchoholism, blamed me for my father's death and refused to let me live with her. My father had left me a substantial amount of money that I gave to my grandmother to buy a 2 bedroom house in her name where I could live and continue at my current school.

I am 15 years old, I have taken my maths gcse (A*) my english lit and english lang gcses (A*s) and the separate science gcses (3 A*s). I have also taken my maths A level (A) and my english literature A level (A).
I write in the spare time that I do not spend with my girlfriend; Alissa.
I have always been sceptical of love at an early age however I can assure you I truly am 'in love' with her.
I enjoy literature more than pop fiction and my writing follows suit, being high in neo classical symbolism and such.

So yeah, thats me. Any questions?
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