The Order: Star and Moon

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This is a poem. Posting it here just to share. I hope you enjoy it if you like stuff like this. :)

The Order: Star and Moon

Alone in my room I remember today,
how instantly my mind began to stray.
This feeling deep inside my heart,
reminds me of the beauty lost in art.
Do I bask in the light he presents?
Is it worth the rain, the long laments?

Before long I found him once more,
bound by his gravity I was done for.
His hand warm like a fire,
passionately it fuels my desire.
Even blinded by your touch,
it is a hand of ice in my clutch.

At last I have figured it out.
No longer do I doubt.
Begone is the notion of facade,
now only a man I must applaud.
Born in ice yet burn so bright,
not to be stopped by a plight

You are a moon but burn like a star,
a sight so majestic and bizarre.
I wish in me I could harness,
your power to shine with darkness.
Without regret and always true,
my final words: I love you.
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