The Perfect Crime (Poem)

Published by Kitbug in the blog Broken Perfection; Perfect lies. Views: 110

Ocean waves; soft sweet sand
Lapis lazuli of tender dreams
Rock in thy arms for all to see
this will always be my perfect eternity

Take my hand and
take my heart
Steal my soul and
steal my heart

Ever so sweet
Just a dream and
I don't want to wake

Take my heart
Steal my soul
Walk away
and don't come back

I never cared,
I just want my broken perfection;
Give it back!

Take my heart
I'll steal your soul
Show me the way
I'll be there for you

Steal my heart
Steal my mind
I'll steal your heart
I'll steal your mind

Give me your hand and
I'll give you mine;
Let's commit the perfect crime
I'll steal your heart, and you'll steal mine.
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