The Power Of Money

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A fast bullet pierces a young girl's chest
She crumbles to the ground in agony
Finally, she closes her eyes to permanently rest
Leaving behind other scenes of horror and disharmony
A young soldier stares in shock at what he has done
Tears fall from his eyes for the limp body on the dirt
Another loud shot fires from his gun
His eyes also close, ending his pain and hurt

George Bush sits calmly in his high-back office chair
Watching the news on Iraq, he laughs, thinking it funny
For the people that are murdered and dying, he does not care
All he cares for is his possession of money

In Zimbabwe, two soldiers bash a man and woman to dissolution
The soldiers laughing cruelly at their last cries of fear and pain
All soldiers will continue to choke the citizens like pollution
As long as Robert Mugabi will continue to reign
How can you soldiers kill your people and family?
Just for money and your sickly amusement
How can you soldiers pillage and plunder your country?
Just for jewels and your sickly entertainment
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