The Religion of Writing Pt. 2 "Bacchus"

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Believe it or not, there is a very basic reason why nearly every great writer of the past two centuries was an alcoholic. I'm serious, folks... :)

I may regret writing this, but for a writer, alcoholism is a disease of the desire of the explaination of the causality within chaos... they are addicted to the liquor...the spirits...the beer...the cocktails...the tonics...the wines. I suppose that you'd have to be versed in the sublties of writing to be able to understand.

They are all purists, in a certain sense, I think; or something similar. They know that they are diseased, in a certain sense, and compensate that with writing.

But why the pen, paper, and book, you may be asking (should be!:))

Because a true writer, one who accepts the paper and book as his/her lover, and the finished product as his/her child (metaphorically! of course!) beleives that there is Truth in language, mostly, that of the written word. Let me ask you to look up the word 'liber' in a dictionary. It usually has two meanings:

a) a title for Bacchus, an ancient Roman god of wine and intoxication
b) public records, which of course generally means anything that is important enough to be written down

The writer, in/on an archetypical level identifies with that definition.

Sorry, reader(s) I've...I'm.... Maybe I should leave that as it is, because, frankly, I'm tired of hinting and explaining.

Post what ye will... It'll be good any way you look at it. ;)
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