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The Reveal

Published by Magus in the blog Magus's blog. Views: 25

They stood outside the grey factory, shutter doors creaking, bending, rattling with the wind. The sky grew dimmer, but remained a purplish hue, with orange and blue intermingled. Leonardo Di Caprio was reminded of his many dreams, where the sky had always mimicked the colors and patterns of eccentric paintings.

"You wanted to know, well, here it is." Magus said in a low voice.

"This is where you work?" Leo asked.

"This is the place, but not my cubicle. The factories a cover Leo."

Magus walked towards an elevated loading bay. Hoisting himself up onto the concrete, he put out a hand and waited.

Leonardo was unsure if this was a dream, or if he was actually about to enter this strange place with a man he apparently knew nothing about.

"Do you trust me?" Magus asked.

A thousand warnings screamed at him, but all Leonardo could do was follow his heart.


Magus grabbed his hand and began to sing.

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