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The Road to Dragon's Peak [Setting/Geography]

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Peoem is divided into several continents. One of the largest is known as Rhoselut, and is home to six kingdoms, the Free Cities of the Plains, the Undying Desert and the Marshlands.


The Undying Desert – The people of the desert seek spiritual enlightenment. They have very sophisticated art and elaborate rituals. When they are not fighting with Logoth, however, they are fighting with Pohoni.

Marshlands – Home to a few hermit mages and two tribes who eck out their living in the hostile environment.

The Dragon’s Peak Mountains – Mountain range that covers a large portion of the northern part of Rhoselut. Contains at least two known valleys of significant size, and several smaller valleys and vales.

Sindori Valley (and Mountain) (SVM) – The small valley at the base of the Sindori Mountain.

Dom Eminith – The Vale of the Dead. A second valley in the Dragon’s Peak Range. Considered cursed or haunted. While it was once home to a glorious city, it is now nothing but ruins.

Mountain Passes – There are two passes through the mountains to the Sindori Valley.

Free Cities of the Plains – There are seven city-states bordering the plains. There are also several nomadic tribes which wonder through the center of the plains.

Pohoni - An isolationist kingdom, which places emphasis on military experience and combat skills. Is run by a council of women. Does not trade with other nations, nor allow foreigners to cross its borders. Few Pohoni choose to travel abroad. The nation of Pohini is in a constant state of war with someone, be it the nation of Logoth, the people of the Undying Desert, or Ra’Shala.

Logoth – Once a small nation, Logoth has spend the last two generations expandings its borders. It has an on-again/off-again state of aggression (but never outright war) with Pohoni. The last state of aggression ended one year ago. Currently, Logoth is focusing its attentions on the nation of Nerilwyn, which it hopes to add to its empire.

Nerilwyn – Trade and industrial kingdom which is currently trying to withstand Logoth’s attempt to annex it into the Empire.

Qinqu – A wealthy nation of farmers, miners and lumberjacks. Sends many of its younger sons to the schools of Ra’Shala, or and its younger daughters to the academy at Veratis.

Ra’Shala – A theistic nation which believes in intellectual pursuit above all else. Does not encourage the practice of magic.

Veratis – Home to the largest academy of magic on the continent.

City 1 - Unknown

City 1 - Unknown

City 3 - Unknown

City 4 - Unknown

City 5 - Unknown

City 6 - Unknown

City 7 - [Sanatis] - Group Two starts here.

City A - Unknown

City B - Unknown

City C - [?] Capital of Logoth. Group One starts here.

City D - March Shai'ia
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