The Road to Slavery

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Have you ever wonder what slavery is really like? Slavery was one of the
greatest tragedies in many different kind of histories. There were many
different appearance of slavery. Slavery have existed in different societies
throughout the history. Most of the slaves are considered the property of
others, many slave have been forced to work for long hours without the
owners paying them. Owners, could freely sold or given away to other owners
in a very cheap price.
Over the years, most Africans who have came to America who were
purchased through the slave trade. And white colonist viewed africans as
rude and “turned to the slave trade to fill their labor needs.” The white
English settlers don't know any other culture beside their culture; people
were thought to be white or Christian, and anything else are a lack of
manners. “During the Middle Ages in A.D. 500- 1500 , the slavery was reintroduce
in the modern age.” Over 10 million black African slaves had been
brought to Americas, and over 2 million slaves had died before they reach the
In 1715 there were about 23,000 slaves, the slaves ships were built in New
England shipyards, and New England curiosity became a triangular slave
trade between the New England, West Indies, and Africa. The slavery had
flourished in the South, and the South's economy trust on cotton, sugarcane,
tobacco, and many other crops. And most slaves in the South worked in fields
and “where called field hands.” And thousands were served as cooks, maids,
cleaners, and a few skilled work of masons.
In 1852 a publication of Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel Uncle Tom's Cabin
helped popularize the antislavery movement. But the activities of such radical
abolitionists as William L. Garrison (1805-79), Frederick Douglass (1817-95),
and John Brown (1800-1859) only increased the conflict of slaveholders. For
the example, John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia, on October 16,
1859, made Southerners so angry that they began what Garrison described as
a "reign of terror." They randomly arrested and abused innocent travelers from
the North. John Brown's raid brought the issue of slavery to a beggining.
It is necessary to pay tribute to all these people who in spite of the cruelty in
their lives managed to remain kind inside and some of them even tried to
understand their masters. Thought the master-slave relations did have
exceptions they still remained individual, where the only side expressing its
opinion was the master’s side.Yet, this has become one of the most important
lessons for the human nation, there is no condition under which one person
can own control over another human.

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