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The Three

Published by Must Not Sleep in the blog Must Not Sleep's blog. Views: 115

I wish I had Three Bodies.
Exactly identical
Three lives to please everyone
One body permanently at home.
She will stare at the walls of her nonexistent room if she has to.
Her family is pleased.
No interest in the outside world.
All she has is the walls of the house and the people who live there.

One body for adventure.
Reckless, following no orders.
This body has no commitments, rules, or expectations.
She had no permanent home.
It was always changing.
One night at her dearest friends, one night in the arms of a spontaneous lover.
The pattern was not possible to predict.
She still loved- just freely.
She chose the ones who were risks, a game.
She saw him. One night.
With so much rage inside her, caring too much, scorned, betrayed.
She saw him, wanted him, impossible to achieve.
Get him!
And she did.
This body took him despite expectations of proper and appropriate.
She stroked the side of his cheek, tasted his breath, and whispered "Finally".

And the third.
The third body is for you.
The third body is what I am.
I tried to run from you, but I was not fast enough.
You found me.
You found me when it was too late.
But you still tried.
I thought I loved you, but I can never be sure.
I go through the motions because I am trapped.
Trapped in your arms waiting for a train.
But it never came.
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