The Way I See It

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Look around you. No seriously stop reading this and look around where you are sitting or standing right now. Look at the details of your surroundings. Look at the colors that meld together on every object. Look at the tiniest scratch on those things that you pass every day.

Life is to live and living is not just going through the everyday, hum-drum actions which propel one into the next day; living is much more than this. To live you must experience your life, you must take in the scenery with an outlook that knows everything is really alright. This planet that you live on is an object, just like a pen or a piece of paper, or this computer I am currently typing on. Look at the objects around you, study them, everything has a story.

I look at objects everyday and have a thought of “I wonder how that got there.” And this I start to build upon, creating characters that must have moved that object, others who must have made that object, and even those who made the machines which helped make the object.

Every single speck of matter in this world has a story connected to it, and though these objects can’t live or breath like us they can still communicate their stories. It’s true that sometimes we misinterpret the stories, but they are all there.

That large oak tree outside of your house, you know the one you curse at daily because it drops sap on your car. Have you ever wondered how it got that gash into its trunk? Think about it. You might pull up the idea that a young boy two hundred years ago stood in the very spot where your car sits today. There was no pavement and there was no city at the time, he was on a farm and that giant oak was just a young tree, and that boy threw an ax into its trunk. Why did he do this? Well that boy has a story as well, which you could go off to think of if you chose too. But the point is that nobody looks at the details anymore. They don’t try to see the timelines that are connected with every single object on this planet. How much time has a rock seen? Picture what changes it was a part of.

I think people need to open their minds more; they need to open their imaginations to the world. Find objects and find their stories within yourself, for the true stories are the ones you know are true. Put yourself in the “shoes” of a car and think of where it has been, who has driven it, what has spilled on it, who has cleaned it, who sold it, those who built it, the person who designed it, the inspiration behind the design. By doing this you will have a fuller life and a life filled with stories. You will see the past, present and future and you can live, even for just a moment, as one of those objects that you so readily pass by every day.

That, at least, is the way I see it.

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