The Wind Whistled

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The wind whistled
The clouds yawned
And she was alone
The moon was hiding
The doors creaked
And were noisy when hitting the walls
The last train went by
And she ignored it.
Leaning on a wall,
She waited
For someone that never came
Nor did she find.

She looked at the clock,
forgetting it had stopped
She was lost in time
And she didn’t want to find herself
She’d have to wait anyway.

And she was alone
The world was about to end
With noone
Without someone
She wouldn’t even make an effort.
She would leave herself waiting.

The wind kissed her face
And she didn’t want it.
The dark made her a painting
And she ignored it.
She wanted the moon
And the moon wouldn’t answer
It would shine for her, once in a while
But never during the day.

She looked up,
There it was.
It had pushed the clouds
And still, she turned her face after smiling.
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