AspiringNovelist Aug 14, 2015
Power corrupts, but worse -- we (citizens) allow it...

My take:

Individual sovereignty, the concept of self-ownership and ones commitment to individual rights, is not divisible. The individual is the alpha and omega absolute and affirms that he or she stands above government, alongside government, but never beneath government. The whole of sovereignty is not divisible and no part is divisible.

Yet governments attempt to divide an individual’s sovereignty as they lay claim to the individual’s sweat, intellect, and empathy. Liberal governments attempt to break the individual apart and assign portioned and equitable control to other individuals, politicians, states, and nations -- stateism. All done in the name of equality or fairness. But this equality of fairness doesn’t apply to those who sacrifice, only to those who the sacrifice benefits.

Stateism is a deadly illusion. It’s a cruel magician’s trick that acts as if it is possible to alienate the inalienable. One could no more divide an individual’s sovereignty than one could naturally breathe under water and any claim to the contrary is an illusion or worst yet, a delusion. The delusional captivated by the illusion disregard the magician’s other hand, and all the while, the slighted hand holds their head under water in a baptism of control.

In that life-giving divide of air and liquid, the burden of the magician’s deceit is one sided and the delusional will sense the urgency of a drowning man. They’ll sense suffocation and it will bolt through every muscle in their body. It will jump from their lungs and leap into their throat as they thrash about grasping for firm ground on an illusionary plane, and then they will slowly, surely, sink. Then they will die.

But it matters not. They died the moment they clapped for the magician and allowed their sweat, intellect, and empathy to be appropriated. They died the moment they believed the illusion. ― On the Statist Division of Individual Sovereignty,- Aspiring Novelist