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This Last Leg is a Doozy

Published by wordwizard in the blog wordwizard's blog. Views: 141

One MONTH left!!!

I am due to pop this baby out on April 22!

I am hoping it will be sooner than that because I am a planet with it's own moon......but I guess I can wait for when it is done baking. Knowing my luck it will be born in May haha.

I still don't know the sex of the baby. I wish I had some sort of idea....but nope, no inkling...

Recently I have had no sleep at all. People tell me that is because my body is getting ready for sleepless nights with the newcomer. I think it is because of the basketball tummy and restless legs.

I will keep everyone posted on how everything goes. I have not been posting anything online for awhile. I am actually trying to cut it out of my life for a bit in hopes that the reserved energy can be used to tidy my house.

I will pop on every once in awhile to say hi.
Don't forget about me!
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