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Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 57

Day off. Decided to reward myself with watching Thor...

Bore...ring. Well, not completely boring. The ending was cool and the acting seemed to get better near the last twenty minutes, but for much of it, the acting was hokey. The costumes looks like those from the Power Rangers, first season. My favorite character and personality in the movie is Heindall the Watchman...Gatekeeper...Gatewatcher, who seemed very much underpowered- based on actual norse legend and Stan Lee alike. The story is absolutely step-by-step procedure. Anthony Hopkins is a bit of a miscast. I hate that known Hollywood names seem to have to play in roles rather than...say...people who look like or would be appropriate parts for the character.

Funniest Line, funniest scene..."Do not mistake my appetite for apathy."
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